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What would happen if we took the time to slow it all down, stop for a few moments and experience wonder?

In today’s world that’s a big ask.

We all know the things that keep us from doing that, so I won’t go into it.

Is it worth it to stop and feel a sunset?

How about if we look up and experience a starry night?

What about the appreciation of being able to see, with these miraculous eyes, the people we love and care about?

Have we ever looked closely at a flower and thought, who or what made this happen, so that I can experience it, right now, in this place?

In my opinion and depending on where your beliefs are at any given time, it’s more important to take the time to experience beauty, awe and reverence, than it is to assign it to a particular event or creator.

Do it enough, with enough consistency, and all of those answers will show themselves.

They will enter your heart and soul when you are ready.

Closely related to appreciation and gratitude, reverence, to me, is a beautiful resting place on a journey that is led by the soul.

It’s a place that is always available, always open, always ready for us.

We just have to take the time to connect with it, consciously.

It’s very easy to be unconscious in the world as it is.

Our responsibility is not the world as it is.

Our responsibility is to be conscious and intentional about the world we create for ourselves.

A final word on reverence.

When you experience reverence, you are, by definition, in the moment.

You’re in the now.

Reverence places us in the beauty, in the appreciation, in the experience.

If we can begin to reconstruct our world with reverence, in time we will find ourselves in a completely new reality.

Very few if any, ingredients are more important for creating that new reality.

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