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Daryl feels very fortunate to have had mentors assist him with his life’s journey and wants nothing more than to pass on what was so graciously given to him. He considers it an honor to be in a position to do that.

Having had ownership in several business ventures, Daryl has been as retired as he's wanted to be since the age of 48. Now he is focused on writing and telling his story, in order to give back. 

With their sons grown and moved on, Daryl lives with his wife, Kristina, in the mountains of beautiful and peaceful North Georgia. They spend their time hiking, hanging out with their Labs, and appreciating the mountain views and each other's company. 

After a humble and often tumultuous beginning to his life, Daryl Dittmer has worked relentlessly on himself for almost 40 years.


Having hailed from a blue-collar family and upbringing, work-ethic was instilled early and often. Daryl was put to work as a farm hand at an early age, at $1.50 per hour, and learned the immense value of hard work and long days.

Since those days, Daryl has been a carpenter, sales professional, business owner, builder, landlord, real estate investor, and consultant. Now, we’re able to add “author” to that list.

Daryl Dittmer's Biography


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