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Is There More to Responsibility?

“Well sure, I’m a responsible person. I pay my bills and I take the garbage out every Tuesday.”

That’s great. Want to know the reality of what you’re really responsible for?

Everything else that has to do with you and your relationship to this world and the people in it.

Let’s start there.

- Are you responsible for how you feel?

- Are you responsible for the work you put in?

- Are you responsible for how you treat everyone, from the server to the CEO?

- Are you responsible for what you put in your body?

- Are you responsible for your overall health?

- Are you responsible for how you mature in this world?

- Are you responsible for how much money you make?

- Are you responsible for how you treat your mind, heart, and spirit?

- Are you responsible for how you spend your time?

- Are you responsible for the decisions you make and the ones you don’t make?

As well as the consequences?

Yes, is the only answer to all of the above, whether we like it or feel like it or not.

Perhaps this feels overwhelming. Perhaps it feels as though we should be able to force some of this stuff on others. What about them?

True freedom in life requires taking total responsibility and letting go of what we feel others need to do.

Well, what if someone else isn’t holding up their end of the bargain or doing what they agreed to do? Then it’s our responsibility to address it and if necessary, jettison that person from the fold. Did I mention that who we surround ourselves with is also our responsibility?

When we know the lines of what we’re responsible for and what we’re not responsible for, we can move forward in this life with a purpose ... Our purpose.

It is important to put more of the onus on ourselves, rather than less. To look to understand ourselves and seek responsibility, not shrink from it.

It is a critical component of the path to true freedom.

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