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So What is Knowledge Anyway?

It is always tempting to try to know, or to think we know. Sometimes, it’s even

embarrassing, or so we think, if we don’t know.

Let’s look at “knowing.” What is there that can truly be known? Or, to put it a

little differently, what can we actually “know”?

Well, I guess there are facts and figures, there’s trivia, there’s things that

everyone can look up on Google. Is that knowing? Is that knowledge?

I would contend that the answer to that question is emphatically and absolutely,


That is memorization and regurgitation, which is often confused with true

knowledge. If I think that spouting out the fact that 16 us cups equals a gallon of

water or that the moon is 238,955 miles away from the earth, on average, is me

spewing my incredible knowledge before anyone else does, well … it’s not.

What if true knowledge is knowing that we don’t know? What if our little world of

what we can see and measure and answer questions about is the real trivia?

What if we were truly in touch with how trivial our teeny, little slice of the pie is?

What if the real knowledge is waiting to be unleashed from the 95% of our brain

that we don’t utilize?

Would that blow your mind? It blows mine …

There is incredible freedom in knowing that we don’t know. There is a life so far

beyond what we can touch and taste and think about. The value to our lives,

relationships, and growth in every area of our lives, begins at not knowing.

If I’ve already convinced myself that I know, or that I need to know, I’ve flamed

out before I ever had a chance to start. If I am competing with another person in

my life for having to know stuff, I’ll never enjoy the opportunity to know them, or

know myself.

Taking a pause from having to know. Taking a break from the pressure of the

trivial is a wonderful freedom.

Allow the universe to speak, allow the quietness to show itself. Allow your

knowledge to become …


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