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How you feel

People get very wrapped up in their emotions.

How many times have you either said, or heard someone say, “I don’t feel like it,” even though what you or they “don’t feel like” is the best course of action for a better life?

A contented, fulfilled life is not about how we feel.

Susan Jeffers once said, as well as entitled a book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

What could that possibly mean?

What is it that we might not “feel like”:

- Doing the extra work so we know we’ve done our best?

- Eating healthily so we can get the most out of our bodies?

- Taking the risk that could catapult our career, or our life?

- Getting out of that unhealthy relationship?

- Embarking on a daily routine that we know will make us better?

It is interesting that in many, if not most cases, the things we don’t feel like doing are exactly the things that will move our lives forward.

- The things we don’t feel like doing will make us feel our best, every single day.

- The things we don’t feel like doing will give us the most freedom.

- The things we don’t feel like doing will make us the most money.

- The things we don’t feel like doing will make us the healthiest.

- The things we don’t feel like doing will make us the best for others in our life.

What’s not to like about setting aside how we feel about being inconvenienced, or scared, or otherwise not willing to take the actions we know we need to take?

I hate to pull out this card, but it is appropriate here: Life is incredibly short, so the sooner we get on with the business of doing the things that little voice inside us knows we need to do, the better.

Getting to the end of the ride on this rock is going to be gratifying if you truly know you’ve done your best. Your best for yourself and, as a consequence, your best for others.

I don’t want to sound unfeeling when I say this but I’m going to, because everyone needs to hear it. It is fair for me to say it because I’ve had to say it to myself on many occasions in this lifetime.

Here goes:

Nobody cares how you feel. Get off your ass and do it anyway.

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