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Who thinks honesty has to do with telling the truth to your friends, family

neighbors, etc?

If you think that, you’d be right.

Is there any other type of honesty?

Is there a far more important brand of honesty that has monumental implications

for us, but also for everyone who our lives touch?

The type of honesty that could change the entire world and all of its inhabitants, if

we all began to embrace and practice it?

There is.

It’s called being painfully and utterly honest with ourselves.

What does that look like?

What would happen if the addict truly admitted to himself that he had a problem,

suddenly becoming open to change, which leads to sobriety?

What if the obese person took an honest look at the destruction to himself, his

health and his life, and decided to live in a different fashion?

How about if the person so afraid to take that step forward in their lives, suddenly

realized that the responsibility lies with her and that she is the only one that is

going to change her life?


The addict could have their family back, reclaim their life and teach others

through that experience.

The obese person could be an example to the rest of the world, and a catalyst for

turning around the epidemic in which we find ourselves.

The newly minted risk-taker could help others overcome their fears as she

continues to climb to new heights.

Through and because of, honesty.

That’s how powerful it is. That’s how we change our world.

That’s how we change the world.

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