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Goals vs. Intention

In my younger years, as I began to take things more seriously, and desire to

improve in every aspect of my life and myself, I learned to set goals.

People would tell me how to set goals, I’d read books on setting goals, and I tried

to learn, integrate, and manifest this concept into my everyday existence.

To me, it was kind of confusing. So many people had so many opinions and I’d

always wonder if I was doing it correctly.

I’d never really established a connection between my goals and my everyday life.

Goals felt like they were “out there” somewhere, either just outside my grasp, or

in most cases, wayyyy outside my grasp. That’s why they’re goals, right? You’re

not there yet. I didn’t like it and never truly embraced the concept of goal setting.

What? How is that possible? How can you go anywhere in life without goals? How

do you know where you’re going without having your goals in place?

Well, perhaps there’s another way.

I was introduced to the concept of intention in my early 30’s, as I was

concurrently being introduced to a new meditation practice, by a gentleman who

has become a dear friend.

I was taught that by dropping my intention(s) into the incredible, vast, limitless

space that is my Mind and Heart, I automatically plug my intentions into the

Universal Mind.

Interesting, right?

To put it simply and succinctly, when I drop my intention into the vast sea, in

which we are all swimming, it reverberates, it integrates, and it begins a process

in which I am no longer solely involved. The Universe begins working for me. To

be more precise, I drop myself, which includes my intention(s) into the infinite,

and the infinite figures it out.

With goals, I need to bring my motivation, my faith, and whatever else they tell

me I need to do. I need to check off the way points and revamp and refigure as I

go. The process of goals is a lot of work that may or may not be actually directing

me to my desired end.

Intention already includes faith. Motivation becomes non-existent. If I need

motivation after dropping my intention, then I lack faith.

The Universe is always attempting to move us toward our highest good. It’s us

that think we know better most of the time, so we stay stuck or head in a

direction other than where we’re pointed.

Intention requires that I do what is in front of me that supports my most healthy,

abundant life. It asks me to listen to that still, small voice that pushes me toward

my highest good.

When I do that, my intentions are already here, I just don’t see them yet.

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