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The Unexpected Joy

of Getting My

Head Out of My Ass

I highly recommend this book!

I loved this book! I especially appreciated his transparency, honesty and openness, as well as his sincere desire to help others who are struggling in life by sharing the pain he went through, and how he overcame it. He shares a lot of important life lessons that that are applicable to everyone simply because they are the “laws of life,” and will work for anyone who is willing and teachable, as he was.


Sally Saxon

A personal and informative gem

The unexpected joy he speaks of isn’t just about overcoming challenges but embracing the growth process itself. This book is a personalized narrative that encourages readers to find their own path, making it relatable and engaging.

In a world saturated with self-help advice, Ditmer’s unique perspective and genuine storytelling make this book a gem. It’s a recommended read for anyone on a journey of self-discovery, seeking both inspiration and practical wisdom.

Bob Beare, PhD

Profound and Genuine Story of Transformation!

First of all, love the title and subtitle of the book. The author pulls you in with his great storytelling and reflections - honest, brutal, and compassionate. He contends that happiness and contentment have nothing to do with being perfect - a breath of fresh air. And goes on to tell us that if we don’t do it for ourselves, no one else will. It’s a move from victim to co-creation and self-authoring consciousness.


Dr. Jon Repole

It doesn’t matter who we are, where we were born, or what may be our genesis in life, we all have the ability and responsibility to learn, grow, pay attention, and take risks.  If you are looking to make a change, get inspired, move forward, or simply get your head out of your ass this is the perfect place to get started.

When I Stop Fighting

When You Stop Fighting




"Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass"


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